Garden Sheds

  • All exterior timber in our extensive garden shed range is pressure treated and the roof is coated steel, available in green or black.
  • Pressure treatment is the best wood preservative currently available, ensuring long life and low maintenance.
  • Our sheds are installed with care and attention to customer requirements.
  • Shed sizes are 6ft, 8ft, 10ft or 12ft wide by whatever length is required.
  • Windows are made from 4mm polycarbonate which has the appearance of glass and is unbreakable
  • Heavy duty hinges and bolts.
  • 45mm threaded galvanised nails are used on all sheds.
  • All sheds are insulated with polythene.
  • Garden Sheds are available in Rustic, Shiplap or Barrel Board finish, all pressure treated.
  • The finish is a matter of personal taste rather than any significant advantage to the Shed.

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